UnitParser Web API

This API allows you to enjoy the main string parsing functionalities of UnitParser.

The following endpoints are available:

The input strings have to meet the expectations of the corresponding UnitParser constructor UnitP("properly-formatted string input"). The best way to get a proper idea about the expected format and supported scenarios is taking a look at UnitParser's readme file. In any case, these are the most common use cases:

The generated outputs follow a key-value structure containing either the word "Error" or the main information associated with the resulting UnitP variable.

This web API relies on the latest UnitParser.dll (v. and its C# source code is available here.

WARNING: UnitParser is expected to be eminently used locally (.NET/C# or Java). This web API should only be punctually called by people wanting to get an idea of what it can do. Unreasonably high traffic might provoke the termination of this service.